IOTA Tools


A simple wallet for iOS. Send, receive and view IOTA transactions. With easy to use security you'll be able to safely accept payments immediately.

View Transcations

IOTAmobile's simple homepage lets you view and inspect recent transactions on your wallet. See which tramsactions have been sent or received.

Pull to refresh to update the confirmed status of your transactions.

Receive funds

Like the desktop wallet, you can generate new addresses from your stored seed. After generating them you can attach them to the tangle to view transactions relating to them.

It's easy to share your address with clipboard support and an easy QR code for scanning.

Send IOTA to anyone

Once you've attached an address and received some IOTA, it's easy to send it. Simply enter the address, enter the ammount of IOTA and an optional message to be sent with it. Hit send and it's done.

For larger amounts you can use the SI notation for the value you want. It accepts decimals as long as you don't try and send less than one IOTA.


Easy to use

The wallet has been designed to accomodate event the newest cryptotoken users. It's simple interface is friendly and easy to use.

Encrypted storage

The wallet incorporates the SJCL and NaCl crypto libraries. It stores your encrypted seed in the iOS keychain for safe keeping.

Auto Logout

Using the built in remember me, the app will logout after an amount of time. Letting you switch between apps while staying secure.

Change nodes

The wallet has a recommended light node for new users. For others you can switch the node before login to a private one.

QR codes

The app generates QR codes for addresses. This lets you share addresses with ease. A scanner is coming soon!

Open Source

The whole code base is open source for contribution by the community. Feel free to review and contribute at Github.

Sign up to Beta

There are 250 spots in the Beta.
Support will be coordinated through the IOTA slack in the #ios-beta channel.

The application is in Beta so there are no guarantees whatsoever and it is supplied "as is".